3rd November 2018: The Riot Vans

The Riot Vans – an up-and-coming rock’n’roll band from Perth – feature on this week’s show.

Charlie Stewart, Aidan Armory, Cameron Speedie and Marcus Sommerville lead the band’s live shows with immense energy and intense setlists full of original songs written by Stewart, then brought to life by the rest of the band.

The Riot Vans first started playing gigs in their hometown of Perth to soon selling out the majority of the venues they’ve played. In the short space of less then half a year the band had found themselves headlining at the O2 ABC in Glasgow and having a debut EP recorded all in one day and ready to be released. “Roll On The Riot Vans!”

With a back catalogue of songs still to be recorded and released, the band’s future consists of regular live shows and further releases to widen their fanbase and bring a new sound to the table. The band has travelled to almost every gig with drum kits, Amps and guitars all squeezed into the back of a Mini Cooper, proving a serious commitment to their music.