1st December 2018: Rosie Bans, Earth Wire, Jaded Jane

It’s a packed show as we welcome Rosie Bans, Earth Wire and Jaded Jane!

Rosie Bans is a fierce Glaswegian independent artist. Throughout her intelligent sophisti-pop songwriting we are treated to tales of honesty, deceit, family arguments, identity crisis and romantic differences.

“Never lacking emotion, Rosie’s lyrics can often hide hard-hitting story lines”. She pulls out what’s living just under the skin and drapes it over memorable choruses and rhythmic piano grooves for all to see.

Drawing inspiration from the songwriting skills of Imogen Heap, Amanda Palmer and Tori Amos Rosie is a far cry from the usual female, piano-pop singer-songwriters that dominate the industry today, Rosie is bulldozing her way through the crowds, kicking and swearing and screaming to be heard.

Rising from a multitude of different creative backgrounds and a history of working together in various incarnations, Earth Wire started as a duo of loop pedalists based on soulful vocals and electric guitar, inspired to demystify the lyrically alive. Through a mutual appreciation and affinity of ideas they were joined by a rapper and drum machinist and as a four-piece began crafting a sound.

Over a short period of time they have already made a mark on their local scene, with support slots for internationally-esteemed acts such as Homeboy Sandman, Abdominal, Babar Luck and Strangelove; well-recieved sets at festivals such as Kelburn Garden Party, Carnival 56 and Audio Soup; and headlining locally-established nights by Too Much Fun Club and Nu Fire. In addition to this Earth Wire were nominated for Best Hip Hop at the Scottish Alternative Music Awards 2015.

Earth Wire have self-produced and self-released a debut single and video for their song ‘In Heaven’. They will be releasing their second single/video this winter with a debut E.P scheduled for early 2017.

Jaded Jane are a soulful soundscape pop duo from Sweden, established 2015.

The musical adventure of brothers Axel and Adam Jane Olsson began in their early youth, being the sons of musician Christer Olsson (Plums, Noll 31, Scandinavian 5) and a mother with a passion for music, growing up to the sounds of Motown, The Beatles and Michael Jackson to name a few. It was only natural for the brothers to develop a keen sense of melody, harmony and originality.

Emerging from the suburbs of Hammerhill / Gothenburg, Jaded Jane’s musical path eventually lead them to New York where they spent ten years back and forth immersing themselves with some of the most inspiring musicians on Earth.

After 3 experimental albums under the mentorship of sound artist Åke Linton, numerous national and international live shows, and a whole wave of support worldwide, Jaded Jane have evolved their sound and have just dropped their most ambitious album yet… “Salvation”, out November 17th 2018, in which they explore the soulful soundscapes of consciousness.