8th December 2018: Lauren Jordan

We’re joined by the wonderfully talented Lauren Jordan live from Atlanta.

As a songwriter, Lauren Jordan pens whimsical lyrics that touch the heart and soul while taking you on a wild rock ‘n’ roll journey at the same time. Listening to the stories she tells in her songs, you can’t help but think she’d be the friend who’d make you tea and give you chocolate when you need to cry as well as be the one to traverse the world with you!

Her first full-length album is a sophisticated mix of styles ranging from the bubblegum bop of “Dirty Blonde” and “You’re So Money” to the head-banging power of “Gunfire” and heartfelt sentiment of “Wildly Crazy.” Her life-is-meant-to-be-lived vibe oozes from this record with every screeching guitar lick to every arena rock vocal…